Mrs. Duck
Screenshot 2016-01-14-07-32-04 kindlephoto-5392692
Mrs. Duck in The Train Ride
Vital statistics
Title Mrs. Duck
Gender Female
Race Duck
Voice Actor n/a

Mrs. Duck is a Peppa Pig Character.


Mrs. Duck and her friends usally pay the Pigs a visit whenever they go on a picnic. Often, Daddy Pig lands in Mrs. Duck's pond or gives her and her friends food.


A basic yellow duck with small orange feet and a large orange beak.


A chatty, somewhat intrusive duck; just like the others. She enjoys visiting the Pig Family, and likes to be fed by them even more.


— Multiple episodes


  • In the Golden Boots special/movie, Mrs. Duck is white while her beak and feet appear to be darker in color.
    • This was most-likely to avoid having her blend in with the gold/yellow boots.


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