Mrs. Carrot
Screenshot 2016-01-14-15-30-54 kindlephoto-25313592
Mrs. Carrot in Mr Potato's Christmas Show
Vital statistics
Title Mrs. Carrot
Gender Female
Race Carrot
Voice Actor Morwenna Banks

Mrs. Carrot is Mr. Potato's friend and wife. She is mother to Sweet Cranberry and Little Sprout.


"Apple and banana! Pear and pineapple too! Eat five pieces of fruit a day, because they're good for you!"

- With the Vegetable Family, Fruit

"If you see him boys and girls, shout out; There's Little Sprout!"

Mr Potato's Christmas Show


Screenshot 2016-01-14-15-30-35

Mrs. Carrot in a poster with the Christmas Vegetable Family.

  • Mrs Carrot. is the third living vegtable in the series; the first being Mr Potato, and the second, Mademoiselle Potato. Then again, she could tie with Sweet Cranberry and Little Sprout.
  • She looks a bit like Carrot.

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