Mr Labrador

Mr Labrador is most commonly known for his role as a construction worker, with Mr Bull and Mr Rhino. Although not much is known about this character we do know a little bit, first of all after doing a bit of digging through episodes I found out that Mr Labrador has been voices by random people, but a recurring theme about him is that he is almost always a deep spoken southerner with a cockney-ish language an example of this is found in: season 4 episode 44 of peppa pig, a bull in a china shop, where you can here Mr Labrador say "I've got a rivet gun" after Mr bull broke some 'delicate China' and his fellow construction workers try to help by saying suggestions Mr Labrador said that. Another interesting point to bring up is the fact about family and children, as you know Danny dog one of peppa pigs friends is a dog which brings me on to the thought, could the be related, possibly mr or mrs dogs brother? Who knows we might find out in the future, as well as family, Mr Labrador has no known children at this time (2017) although we are a where that Mr bull and Mrs cow may have a daughter named 'carol cow' and Mr rhino has a child called 'Ronald rhino' we do not yet know of Mr Labrador having a child or a wife, but what we do know for certain is that he has 2 good friend's, Mr Bull & Mr Rhino.

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