Mr. Fox's Van is episode 45 of season 3 of Peppa Pig. It is episode 148 in the entire series. 


The kids become curious to find out what else Mr. Fox may have in his van after he drives by one day to drop off Freddy. 


One day Mr. Fox stops by as Peppa rides bikes with everyone. They are joined by Freddy Fox and they ride down the nearby hill. Daddy Pig comes out to come and greet Mr. Fox, and to his surprise he is told that it is not the morning, it's actually noon. Daddy Pig realizes that his watch is broken and Mr. Fox offers to look and see if he has anything to replace it. 

Peppa then asks who has the loudest bell and when Freddy realizes that he doesn't have one, he asks his dad if he has any. He claims to only need one, but his dad gives him two as they come in a pair. Freddy gets them put on and he rides back to the others to show them the two bells. They are impressed by this so they ask what else he may have in the van; which Freddy claims is everything. 

They decide to hold a bycicle race and Peppa mentions that they need a big, shiny cup for it. So Freddy goes to see if his dad has any after catching Peppa's hinting. He claims it to be important and after getting it, thanks his dad before returning to the others. 

The race will be to Peppa's house, which involves riding down a small hill and up a big hill. While doing so, Mr. Fox shows Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig the mysterious device that can disappear when a button is pressed, and also play music. While they are very impressed by it, the kids happen to reach the top of the hill at once, so he gives them all a trophy. 

They begin to ask him what else he has, and ask for random objects and items, such as a banjo, a rocket, chicken, and even a tree. He manages to surprise the children, then announces that it is time to go. Freddy hops inside while Mr. Fox claims to have everything!

Except for the Petrol they needed to make the Van run... 

Daddy Pig offers to tow the Van to the Petrol Station upon noticing this, and Mr. Fox locates a cable to connect between the vehicles. So everyone gets inside and they head over as the episode ends. 


Everyone but George Pig: Hello Freddy!