Mr. Zebra
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Vital statistics
Title Mr. Zebra
Gender Male
Race Zebra
Voice Actor David Graham

Mr. Zebra is a character in Peppa Pig.


The Mail person who spends almost all day driving around. He has three daughters, Zoe, Zuzu, and Zaza Zebra. His wife is Mummy Zebra.


A white and black striped zebra with a solid black tail and hose. His mouth is dark pink. He has stripes on his head, arms, and legs. His hands and feet are black. He wears a navy shirt, mail delivery hat, and matching shoes.


Like the other dads he is very caring. He seems to enjoy watching racing shows on television and knows how to play the piano. He goes to sleep fairly early, due to working all day.


"Who's going to deliver all of these letters?"