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Mr. Potato
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Vital statistics
Title Mr. Potato
Gender Male
Race Potato
Voice Actor John Sparkes
Mr. Potato is one of the characters in Peppa Pig. He Is Based On Mr. Potato Head.


A living potato who is very famous in Peppa's world. He is often with Mademoiselle Potato on television, and is associated with Mrs Carrot, Sweet Cranberry, and Little Sprout.


Mr. Potato is an active and popular figure. He is known by everyone, and is admired by them - but he remains humble. He enjoys spending time with children, and hosts many events.


Mr. Potato is a giant, golden-brown potato with dull red lips and a curled black mustache. His eyes are black dots. On his head is a pale brown hat. 


"You should eat lots of fruits and vegetables!"

"And exercise!"

"Please welcome your friend of mine, Mr. Potato!"


"Let's do some jumping up and down!"

"Up-down up-down!"



"Welcome to Potato City! Where the magic of vegetables never ends, see how vegetables grow, learn how they keep us fit and healthy!"

"Mmm...looks like Daddy Pig needs some exercise!"

"But this picture from Peppa Pig is my favorite, it shows Daddy Pig watching television!"

" do you know that?!" (to Edmond Elephant).

"What an exciting race!"



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