Mr. Pony
Vital statistics
Title Mr. Pony
Gender Male
Race Pony
Voice Actor

Mr. Pony is a character in Peppa Pig.


Mr. Pony is an optician visited by others to get their eyes tested. He is also the father of Pedro Pony, and the husband of Mummy Pony.

In his spare time, he is also part of Daddy Pig's football team.


A light brown pony with tan spots and four black mustache hairs beneath his pink nose. He wears black glasses over his eyes. His normal attire is a green suit with a blue bow-tie and white shirt. He wears black shoes.


== Misquotes

o mai goli


  • He is the father of Pedro Pony.
    • He is the only 'daddy' in the show to have the title ''
  • In one episode, by error, he prescribed a pair of gasses to Peppa.


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