Mr. Fox is a character in Peppa Pig.


Husband of Mrs. Fox and father of Freddy Fox. He runs a shop that sells everything anyone could possibly need or want. He also runs a Van to transport several of the items around the area, as well as try to sell them.


Generous and kind, Mr. Fox is always willing to give someone an item - as long as he brought it with him or hadn't sold out of it yet. He is friendly and seems to enjoy taking late night strolls during the evening. He is also a decent seller, willing to accept a payment of buttons from George, instead of actual money.


Like Freddy and his wife, he is an Orange fox with a white tipped tail and a black nose. He has dull, dark orange cheeks and a brown mouth. He has a straight, pencil thin mustache and wears a dull brown-red shirt and black shoes.


  • it's made of real plastic gold


  • He appears during one episode, walking around the kitchen coop owned by Granny Pig. This is an "inside-joke", in that foxes go after chickens and their eggs in real life.
    • A similiar joke was played with Daddy Wolf and Daddy Pig in another episode.