Mister Skinnylegs
Mister Skinnylegs as he appears in his only appearance
Vital statistics
Title Mr. Skinnylegs
Gender Referred to as male
Race Spider
Voice Actor Unknown
Mister Skinnylegs​ is a friendly spider as seen in the episode of the same name. He, as Mister Skinnylegs is referred to, has only appeared in that episode. As a spider, not much is known about him except he takes a instant liking to almost anyone, as seen when he befriends George, even if his liking isn't returned, this is the case for Peppa, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig but they eventually overcome their fear and befriend him. Mister Skinnylegs is shown to like pretend tea parties.


Mister Skinnylegs is a black spider with a round smiley face, with black pupils too, and eight long and very skinny legs, as his name applies.

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