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Miss Rabbit
Miss rabbit
Vital statistics
Title Miss Rabbit
Gender Female
Race Rabbit
Voice Actor Sarah Ann Kennedy

Miss Rabbit is a character in Peppa Pig.


Miss Rabbit is the aunt of Rebecca Rabbit, Richard Rabbit, Rosie and Robbie Rabbit and the twin of Mummy Rabbit.


Miss Rabbit is pale cream with dark pink lips, a pink nose, and pale pink cheeks. She wears black shoes, and a custard-colored dress.


A very busy rabbit who runs almost every job in the area. She is used to her chaotic schedule and does it all with ease - but where her sister excels with homemaking skills, she struggles.


Miss Rabbit is shown to run, work at, or have the following jobs: 

  • Bus Driver
  • Mueseum Shop
  • Ice Cream Stand
  • Library
  • The Aquarium
  • Supermarket Checkout
  • China Shop
  • A Coach
  • Firefighter
  • Helicopter Flyer
  • Fair Stand runner
  • Potato City Ticket Seller
  • Train Driver
  • Stewardess
  • Moon Shop (museum gift shop)
  • Moon Shop (literal)[1]


"Busy? No! This is quiet for Potato City!"
Potato City
"AAAAAAAH! Fire! Fire! Fire!"
The Fire Station and Doctor Hamster's Tortoise
"We know. It's a miniature locomotive!"
Grandpa Pig's Train to the Rescue
" 'Miss Rabbit. Please come to my palace, to get a medal, for all your hard work! Bring friends. All the best, The Queen.' (faints)"
The Queen
"Bong Bing Boo! Bing Bong Bing! Bing Bong Bingly Bungly Boo!"
Pedro is Late


  • She was believed to be Mummy Rabbit until a later episode in the series confirmed they were sisters.
  • She only made an animal sound in Ice Skating.



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