Miss Hamster
Miss Hamster - Vet
Vital statistics
Title Miss Hamster
Gender Female
Race Hamster
Voice Actor Morwenna Banks

Miss Hamster is a character in Peppa Pig.


A veterinarian who looks after the pets belonging to Peppa and everyone else. She has a husband.


A gentle and kind caretaker who loves animals. She knows many things about them and is well-respected by the others. She appears to be soft-spoken. She also seems to speak with a Welsh accent.


A dark orange hamster with pale red blushed cheeks and a brown-red nose. She has red lips and white whiskers, and wears light lavender eye makeup. She wears white shoes and a blue-mint dress.


  • She is one of the only characters not to wear black shoes.
  • She is one of the few confirmed married characters whose significant other makes no appearance.


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