Mademoiselle Potato
Screenshot 2016-01-14-08-21-19 kindlephoto-8343861
Mademoiselle Potato in "Richard Rabbit Comes to Play".
Vital statistics
Title Madmoiselle Potato
Gender Female
Race Potato
Voice Actor Morwenna Banks

Mademoiselle Potato is Mr. Potato's friend who appears with him on television. She first appears during Mr. Dinosaur is Lost.


She looks like Mr. Potato, however, she lacks his male characteristics. She wears a flower on her head and has eyelashes.


She is on the television with Mr. Potato and often acts with him. Unlike Mr. Potato and his other friends, she has not made a physical appearance.


"I say Potato!"
Richard Rabbit Comes to Play
"Mr. Potato, I can't find my flower anywhere!"