Madam Gigi[1] Gazelle is a character in Peppa Pig.


Madam Gazelle is a French-English speaking gazelle that teaches Peppa and her friends playgroup. She also taught the Mummies and Daddies when they were younger. She was once apart of The Rocking Gazelles with there hit song ‘Yeah Yeah, Yeah Yeah’


Madam Gazelle is very kind with the children, but she is also stern with them and will keep them in order. She is regarded as a great teacher by many, and loved by all.

She has a surprising interest in things that wouldn't be expected; like playing in a band known as The Rocking Gazelles. She also enjoys going for a swim in freezing water, and was a champion skier in her younger days.


A pale tan gazelle with a wrinkled appearance, being older. She has pale pink cheeks and dark pink lips. She wears pale blue-grey makeup. Her nose is pale brown, and on top of her head are two black horns. She wears black shoes and a dark mauve dress. It could be possible if she is based on a Speke's Gazelle, Thomson's Gazelle, Impala or even a Springbok.


" Today we are going to make a time capsule."
Time Capsule
" That's is enough! Do you think this is how the countries of the world behave? of course not."
International Day
" Peace and harmony, in all the.... WHAT'S all that noise?!"
— International Day
" Oh, we're playing our tune, and we're singing our song with a Bing, and a Bong, and a Bing. Bong Bing Bang, Bing Bong Boo, Bing Bang Bingerly Bungerly Boo"
— Multiple episodes
" Today we have a new pupil"
Emily Elephant
"Ugh! It tastes like custard and old socks!"
Pedro's Cough
" Mr. Rabbit, I am a teacher. I need your car."
Pedro is Late
" Ho ho!"
— Multiple episodes
" Ah, a vampire. That brings back memories of the old country!"
Pumpkin Party


  • She was shown teaching Ballet Class in one episode.
  • Strangely, she does not have a reflection, which is even noticed by the Narrator. Despite causing the audience to assume that she is a vampire, she can stand under daylight.
  • Her accent and name can be similar to Madame Tutu's from Horrid Henry.