Season 1, Episode 34
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Overall episode 34
Air date 8 July, 2004
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Lunch is the 34th episode of the series. It aired on July 8th, 2004.


The Pig Family head over to Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig's for lunch. While there they try to help George to stop being picky. 


Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig are hosting lunch for their family. They are pretty excited to see their grandparents and Granny asks them to pick some vegetables from the garden to have for lunch. They greet Grandpa Pig and begin to choose some vegetables: these being tomatoes and lettuce. But because George does not like them, Grandpa Pig tries to find something George would like and picks some cucumber, but he does not want this either. 

They head back inside as they do not have anymore time. Granny Pig and Grandpa wash the vegetables with the help of Peppa and George, then Granny Pig cuts the vegetables and puts them together in a salad. Grandpa Pig calls everyone for lunch and they all sit down to see that Granny Pig has made pizza to go with the salad.  George eats the pizza, but he refuses to touch the salad. Mummy Pig tries to convince him to just try a little bit but George responds by saying "Yuck!' Granny Pig offers him to try cucumber, but George gags. As Daddy Pig tries to convince him to try a piece of lettuce and promise it's yummy, he ends up crying after they all keep trying.

Grandpa Pig then rearranges the vegetables to look like a dinosaur, and because of that George is willing to eat them. They ask if he wants more but he claims to be too full, until they mention chocolate cake. They put down the piece for him and he quickly eats the slice of cake, causing everyone to laugh as the episode ends. 


  • 'yuck' - george
  • "Gags" George
  • 'chocolate cake' - george