Lost Keys
Season 4, Episode 18
Screenshot 2016-01-26-20-11-07
Overall episode 175
Air date 19 December, 2011
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Bedtime Story
George's New Dinosaur

Peppa Pig and her family go to The Mountain Beauty Spot and when they go out to the car Daddy Pig is playing with the car keys George Pig would like to play with the car key's but Daddy Pig say's he might lose them then Daddy Pig drops the car key's down the drain!

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Daddy Pig: "Back to the car!"

Miss Rabbit: "Thank's for visting the Mountain Beauty Spot. Come again soon!"

Mr. Bull:"WE'LL DIG UP THE ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Peppa:"My daddy dropped the car keys down the drain!"

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