Little Sprout
Screenshot 2016-01-15-08-12-01 kindlephoto-7930713
Little Sprout in Mr Potato's Christmas Show
Vital statistics
Title Little Sprout
Gender Male
Race Brussel Sprout
Voice Actor Philippa Prosser
Little Sprout is a character in Peppa Pig. 


A living vegetable and associate of Sweet CranberryMr. Potato, and Mrs. Carrot. It is unable to talk, making squeaking sounds instead.


He seems quite mischievous and "cheeky", playing peekaboo in Mr Potato's Christmas Show.


A green sprout vegetable with black dot eyes and red lips.



- Mr Potato's Christmas Show

"Sweet Little Sprout on the Christmas Tree! With Potatoes, Carrots and Cranberry! It's a very special Christmas with all our friends where the Magic of Vegetables never ends!"

- With the Christmas Vegetable Family, Mr Potato's Christmas Show



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