Leo Lion
Leo Lion ID S02E37
Leo Lion, as he appears in Pretend Friend, in all his glory
Vital statistics
Title Leo Lion
Gender Male
Race Nothing (referred to as a lion)
Voice Actor Suzy Sheep (narrating)
Leo Lion is Suzy's pretend friend in the episode "Pretend Friend". His personality is unknown as his personality is made up by Suzy, Peppa, George, Mummy Pig and Daddy Pig as they go along. Though it is said he likes dress up and jumping in Muddy Puddles.


It can be assumed that Leo Lion's appearance is constantly changing as it appears Suzy is making it up as she goes, though he hasn't appeared since his debut, but he is described with a mane and a blue-y-green jumper (possibly cyan but as a pretend friend it is hard to tell).



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