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Kylie Kangaroo
Screenshot 2016-01-29-21-01-24
Kylie Kangaroo in the episode of the same name
Vital statistics
Title Kylie Kangaroo
Gender Female
Race Kangaroo
Voice Actor Macey Danger
Kylie Kangaroo is a character in Peppa Pig. 


A young girl who comes from Australia with his family, Miss Kangaroo, Mr. Kangaroo, and her baby brother, Joey Kangaroo.


Kylie appears to be reserved and gentle. She is a talented jumper - but she is very kind and compliments others often. She is humble with her skills.


Kylie resembles her family and has tan skin, a black nose, and dark pink lips. Her cheeks are light pink. She wears black shoes and a violet dress.


"I don't want to show off."
Kylie Kangaroo
— Kylie Kangaroo


  • Kylie is the second character Peppa meets from outside of her home area.
  • since she was a girl, (girl kangaroos had pouches) she should had a pouch. if she didn't had a pouch, she must be a, secretly, boy.


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