Hide and Seek
Season 1, Episode 5
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Overall episode 5
Air date June 4, 2004
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Peppa Pig - Hide And Seek

Peppa Pig - Hide And Seek

Hide and Seek is episode 5 of the first season of the series.


Peppa and George play hide and seek.


One day Peppa and George are playing hide and seek. It's George's turn to hide, so he quickly finds a spot before Peppa finishes counting, hiding underneath a table nearby.

Peppa begins to search for him and is easily able to locate her brother. She explains that he made it too easy, so George makes her hide while he counts with Mummy Pig. Peppa runs up to their bedroom and quickly throws everything out of their toy basket and jumps inside.

George searches the room, checking udner the table a few times. Daddy Pig helps George by telling him to look upstairs in their bedroom, so he runs up there and checks under the bed, then behind the curtains as Peppa teases him by making noise. When he hears her giggling, he is able to find her in the basket.

They run back down to the living room and they tell Daddy Pig to hide. But he suggests that George has another turn, which annoys Peppa. She doesn't think he will hide good, but Daddy convinces her to let him.

At first George tries to hide under the table again, but Daddy whispers to him before Peppa finishes. He hides George as Peppa checks the table, then he tells Peppa to run upstairs and look. She checks the toy basket, but not seeing him she runs back to the living room and admits that she can't find George. It's then Daddy Pig reveals he hid George with the newspaper. Everyone then starts to laugh as the episode ends.




  • The toys Peppa threw on the floor change position in the shots between her hiding and George looking for her. They change again when she goes to look for George.


[The episode starts when the camera begins to zoom into Peppa's living room. Peppa and George are playing while Daddy Pig is sitting in his chair reading the newspaper and Mommy Pig is sitting on the couch reading a book]

Narrator: Peppa and George are playing hide and seek. It is George's turn to hide. He must quickly find some place to hide before Peppa finishes counting.

Peppa:[closes her eyes] 1....2....3....4....5....6

[George hides under a small table in the living room]

Narrator: George has found some where to hide, just in time.

Peppa: 8...9...10. [opens here eyes] Ready or not, here i come.

Narrator: Peppa has to find where George is hiding.

[Peppa immediately finds George under the small table]

Peppa:[tags him] Found you.

Narrator: Peppa has found George.

Peppa: George, i could see you too easily.

Narrator: Now it is Peppa's turn to hide.

George: [closes his eyes,trying to count]

Mommy:[while reading a book] I'll help George to count. 1...2...3...4...5.[while Mommy Pig is counting, Peppa starts looking for a place to hide. She runs upstairs and into her and George's room. She empties all the toys from her toy bin and hides in the basket.] ..6...7...8...9...10

Mommy: Ok George, open your eyes.

[George opens his eyes]

Narrator: George has to find where Peppa is hiding.

[George looks for Peppa under the same small table he hid under, but doesn't find her]

George: oh....

Narrator: Peppa isn't hiding under the table

Daddy: [Whispering] George, have you thought of looking upstairs?

[Peppa runs upstairs and into his room, Peppa giggles and hides while George enters. George begins to look under the bed but he doesn't find Peppa]

Narrator: Peppa isn't under the bed.

[Peppa peaks her head out and snorts and laughs and ducks her head back into the basket. George turns around and see's nothing]

Narrator: What was that strange noise?

[George then starts to look for Peppa behind the window curtains, but still does not find Peppa]

Narrator: Peppa isn't behind the curtain.

[Peppa peaks her head out again and snorts twice. George turns again and looks towards the basket]

Narrator: There is that strange noise again, what can it be?

[Peppa starts to giggle and George walks towards the basket. He looks in and Peppa pops out]

Peppa: Weee!!

[George tags Peppa and they begin to giggle]

Narrator: George has found where Peppa is hiding.

[Peppa and George run back downstairs and into the living room where Daddy Pig and Mommy Pig are still sitting and reading]

Peppa: George found me! Now it's Daddy's turn to hide.

Daddy: oh i think George should have another turn.

[George jumps in excitement]

Peppa: But George isn't very good at hiding.

Daddy: I'm sure he'll be better this time. Close your eyes and start counting.

Peppa: [closes her eyes and starts counting again] 1...2...

[George starts looking for a place to hide, but has once again hid himself under the same table he hid under last time]

Narrator: Oh Dear, Peppa will easily find George.

Peppa: 3...4...5....

Daddy: [Whispering to George] George, come over here.

[George crawls out from under the table and slowly walks to Daddy Pig]

Peppa: 8...9...10. [opens her eyes] Ready or not here i come!

[Peppa goes right towards the small table expecting to find George, but instead he is not under there]

Peppa: Oh? George isn't hiding under the table. but George always hides under the table.

Daddy: have you thought of looking upstairs?

Peppa: I know where he is! [Peppa runs upstairs and into her room and starts to look in the toy basket she hid in] George is in the toy basket.

[She finds the toy basket empty]

Peppa: Oh.

Narrator: George is not in the toy basket. Where can he be?

[Peppa walks down the stairs sad and back into the living room]

Narrator: Peppa cannot find George anywhere.

Peppa: Daddy, i can't find George anywhere.

Daddy: Oh dear, i wonder where he can be.

[Georges laugh can be heard as Daddy Pigs newspaper starts to shake]

Daddy: actually, i think there's something about George in this newspaper.

[George laughs more as the newspaper shakes more. George pops out from behind Daddy Pigs newspaper]

Peppa: George! Found you! [tags George]

Mommy: Oh George, that was a good place to hide.

[The family begins to laugh together]

Narrator: George was hiding behind Daddy Pigs Newspaper all the time.