Gym Class is the 45th episode of season 2, and 150 in the entire series of Peppa Pig. It first aired on ____. 


The children enjoy a day at the Gym with Grampy Rabbit as their teacher. 


Everyone is preparing to head out to the Gym as Madame Gazelle checks to make sure everyone is dressed properly. Pedro admits that he has accidentally gotten the days mixed up and has come dressed as superhero instead. 

Upon arrival they walk past a bunch of grownups and come into another room. They hear someone and look to find Grampy Rabbit swinging from a rope while yelling as he lands. He explains that they will be playing pretend while working out, once Madame Gazelle leaves. To warm up he has the children run on hte spot, flap their arms, stretch, then wiggle like jelly. 

He has them rest for a moment and they move over to the balance beam. He has them pretend they are in a jungle, but it forced to trigger it a bit as the children do not seem to understand him at first. At the beam, he explains they will be walking across the river, and while Danny thinks this will be easy, he tells them to imagine that it is late at night and very windy. The children question this, and he mentions that it had been this way for him, so they have to pretend. 

Still they do not exactly understand but they play along anyway. They come across it and they head over to a bunch of ropes. He tells them to pretend that they are crossing the vines to get across the water, where a bunch of crocodiles await. He also has them call as they pass by, then move onto the pole vault and tells them how big athletes jump over it, but because they're all so small and young, he just has them pretend it's a dinosaur and run under it's legs instead. Before they start Candy asks him if he has ever had to do this as well, and when he says he has, they proceed to get down and crawl. 

WIth that, he decides they are all finished. He tells them that they have made it out of the jungle and are rejoined by Madame Gazelle , who asks how their time was. They explain everything they did and Peppa voices how much she loves being in gym class with Grampy Rabbit


  • "Wobble like jelly!" "Bbbbbbbbbb!"
  • "Ahhhhhhhh!"
  • "I'm a superhero!"


  • This episode has not aired in Ireland because Suzy's gym outfit appears to camoflague with her skin tone