Granddad Dog's Garage
Season 2, Episode 17
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Overall episode 69
Air date 21 December, 2006
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Granddad Dog's Garage is the 17th episode of Season 2, and the 69th episode overall.


A busy day at Granddad's Garage is shown!

Channel 5 - Daddy Pig's car runs out of petrol but Granddad Dog's garage is not far away. With one phone call, Granddad Dog is on his way.


At Granddad Dog's garage, the Pig family has just come by for some ice lollies while they go on their drive. They then leave and while discussing how much they love their car, it starts to act up and eventually stops moving. They try to get it started and Mummy Pig calls Granddad Dog for help.  They leave the Garage and head out to get the Pig Families car. He looks through it and informs them that they had just ran out of the needed liquid to make it run. So he tows them back in order to fill it up. As it finishes, Suzie and her Mummy are driving by, but the tire ends up popping.

They dial Granddad Dog for help so they leave again, but this time Peppa comes for the ride. Upon arrival they bring back the Sheep and their car, then fills the tire with air for them. They are then joined by Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig. He has come to check out their new car wash, and at first it seems to work, covering the car with soap and water, but during the polish cycle, the computer device has broken and it stops working. 

Peppa ends up starting to get sick. 


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