Grampy Rabbit's Dinosaur Park
Season 4, Episode 16
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Overall episode 173
Air date 16 December, 2011
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Grampy Rabbit's Dinosaur Park is the 16th episode of season 4. It is episode 173 in the entire series. 


The families and children celebrate Freddy Fox's birthday at a Dinosaur Park.


The children and adults are on their way to a mysterious location for Freddy Fox's birthday. He admits that even he doesn't know where they are going and when they arrive, they are greated by Grampy Rabbit. He reveals that have come to his Dinosaur Park; which excites everyone. He continues on by saying that nothing there is real, causing Peppa some relief after she questions the dinosaurs.

He introduces them to some singing dinosaurs before Suzy and Daddy Pig complain over how small they are. Grampy Rabbit claims he has one much bigger further into the park and the group start to head there. He leads them through the path, over some boulders, across a bridge, through a cave, and finally they reach the giant dinosaur. 

They see a trail of footprints and head up a row of green steps nearby. They find out that they are on a giant slide and after going down it, they realize it was the giant dinosaur he was speaking of earlier. After they reach the bottom of the slide and resume walking, they discuss what type of dinosaur it is while he tells them to be on the lookout for an egg. This confuses everyone since eggs are so little, and Freddy mentions that he should be able to find it since he is a fox and they love to hunt for eggs. 

Freddy sniffs and sniffs until he approaches a big purple egg. Suzy quesitons it's size before Grampy Rabbit claims it is so big due to being from the dinosaurs. They ask if it is real and he tells them it isn't, causing the egg to open up while music plays, revealing a very-real birthday cake. Freddy blows out the candles and everyone wishes him a happy birthday. Then they head off to a nearby area to begin dancing as Grampy Rabbit shows them a special "Dinosaur Dance". 

Everyone then laughs as Freddy claims this to be his best birthday. 



  • This episode is revealed that it's Freddy Fox's Birthday.