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Grampy Rabbit
Grampy Rabbit in The Little Boat
Vital statistics
Title Grampy Rabbit
Gender Male
Race Rabbit
Voice Actor Brian Blessed
Grampy Rabbit is a character in Peppa Pig.


An adventurous rabbit, Grampy is friends with the other elderly gentleman and Male parents - although they sometimes seem to find his stories or songs a little annoying some times. Like Miss Rabbit, he has a few jobs and businesses he does around town.

He is the parent of either Mummy Rabbit, Miss Rabbit, or Daddy Rabbit. 

He is he grandparent of Rebecca Rabbit, Richard Rabbit, and Rosie and Robbie Rabbit.


He is a pale grey rabbit with a small amount of wrinkles, mainly visible on his long ears. He has white eyebrows to match his mustache and beard, pale pink blushed cheeks, and a dark brown nose. He usually wears dark blue with a sailing hat.


An elderly rabbit who appears to be a bit absent-minded, childish, and eccentric. For someone older, he possesses a lot of energy and naturally gets along very well with children. Unlike the other grandfathers, he does not seem to bicker with any of them. He is known for telling wild, seemingly made-up stories.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4



  • He loves cheese.
  • At one point in the series he is shown to live in a lighthouse.


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