" George's Balloon " is the 46th episode in Season 4 of Peppa Pig


George has trouble holding onto his dinosaur balloon.


After spending some time out with Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig, Peppa and George ride back to their house and see Miss Rabbit with her ice cream pushcart and Granny Pig asks her husband for ice cream. After agreeing with his wife, Grandpa Pig puts the car aside and they stop to buy ice cream. Peppa orders strawberry, Granny orders chocolate,  Grandpa orders banana, but George looks up at the pushcart's umbrella and sees a dinosaur balloon and exclaims the usual "dine-saw!". After telling his grandson that dinosaur ice cream wasn't an option, Grandpa Pig sees the balloon after Miss Rabbit's suggestion that George wanted a balloon that had a green dinosaur decal. Grandpa Pig pays for the expensive balloon, and soon they're on their way.

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