Season 1, Episode 10
Overall episode 10
Air date June 10, 2004
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Peppa Pig - Gardening

Peppa Pig - Gardening

Gardening is the 10th episode of the series.


Peppa and George help Grandpa Pig and Grandma Pig with their garden.


Peppa and George are dropped off at Grandma Pig and Grandpa Pig's house. They run down to Grandpa Pig's garden to play with him, then ask what he is doing. Grandpa Pig explains that he has been planting seeds, which are things that grow into plants.

He shows them how it is done, then waters the newly planted seed before showing them everything that has grown from the seeds. He also reveals that more seeds can be found in most of the plants, to make even more plants.

Peppa asks to plant a seed, so Grandpa hands her a strawberry seed. He instructs her on how to plant it, then lets her water it. Then they stand to wait for it to grow, though Grandpa informs her that seeds take a long time to grow. Mommy Pig and Daddy Pig come to grab Peppa and George, but Peppa doesn't want to leave since her strawberry plant hasn't grown yet. But he promises to her that by the next time she comes, the plant will have gotten much bigger, so she leaves with the family a few moments later.

Day by day, Grandpa Pig tends to his plants, as well as Peppa's strawberry plant. Eventually, Grandpa Pig finds some strawberries, luckily on the day that Peppa and George come back. He shows them the strawberries an picks them so that the little piggies can eat them. Peppa then asks if they can plant something else, so he lets George choose a plant to pick. However, Peppa tries to make him pick a carrot. He digs a hole, then brings over Mr. Dinosaur to plant. He is able to do this and begins to water him, though Peppa tries to tell him dinosaurs dont grow into trees, causing everyone to start laughing.




  • Peppa and George arrive with the spotted ball and Mr. Dinosaur, but when Grandpa Pig grabs the watering can, they both vanish.