Flying a Kite
Season 1, Episode 14
Overall episode 14
Air date June 15, 2004
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Flying A Kite is an episode of the first season of Peppa Pig.


Peppa and George go outside to fly their kite, but the kite gets stuck in a tree. 


One sunny day, the Pig family go to the park to fly a kite. George will be flying it first but he struggles to get it off ground and comes to a stop after he tires himself out.

Peppa claims he did it wrong and says he didn't run fast enough. She makes an attempt also but the kite still won't fly.

Mummy and Daddy inform them that the kite won't fly without any wind. So they will just have to wait and within a few seconds the wind suddenly picks up, along with the kite.

George grabs onto it and Peppa grabs onto George as he's being lifted from the ground. While this goes on, Daddy Pig quickly grabs onto Peppa so that they don't go taking off and he takes over for the both of them by holding it himself. They share a laugh and ask him to let it go higher.

This goes fine, but in Daddy's attempt to show off he accidentally gets the kite stuck in a tree, causing George to cry. Mummy Pig warned him that this would happen, and in his tugging it makes the string snap off. They approach the tree and Mummy Pig tells them that Daddy Pig can get it unstuck, although he doesn't sound very sure of himself.

Peppa and George approach a muddy puddle and ask to jump in it. Mummy Pig  tells them no, because she doesn't want them to get dirty and Daddy Pig climbs the tree to grab the kite. She keeps warning him that he needs to be careful and that he is too heavy for the branch, but he is able to grab onto the kite.

Then fall into the muddy puddle and get everyone dirty.

They all share a laugh and are happy that Daddy Pig isn't hurt, and they're also happy to have the kite back. But since they're all dirty, Peppa and George ask to play in the muddy puddle now since they are already dirty. She then says that Daddy Pig can do the cleaning and they all jump into the muddy puddle!