Edmond Elephant's Birthday is an episode from season 3. It first aired on November 25th, 2010.


George is invited to Edmond Elephant's birthday party - while Peppa is invited by Emily to come and lend her, Suzy, and Danny a hand tending to the little ones.




Major Characters:

Mummy Elephant

Emily Elephant

Edmond Elephant

Peppa Pig

George Pig

Suzy Sheep

Richard Rabbit

Danny Dog

Zuzu & Zaza Zebra

Supporting Characters:

Mummy Pig

Minor Characters:

Mr. Zebra (3 Non-Speaking Cameos)

Mummy Sheep (2 Non-Speaking Cameos)

Mummy Rabbit (2 Non-Speaking Cameos)


"Hello, Peppa! Do you want to come to Edmond's party as my friend?" - Emily Elephant, talking to Peppa on the phone



  • Zaza Zebra and George Pig's crying animations are different in the scene where George steals Zaza's medal, but Peppa fixes the problem.
  • When George is crying with the other toddlers in the kitchen, he is using his regular cry, however, his crying animation from Hiccups is used instead of the regular cry animation.
  • After Zaza got a medal, Zuzu gets the medal when the toddlers started crying.