Doctor Brown Bear
Dr. Brown Bear in Pedro's Cough
Vital statistics
Title Doctor Brown Bear
Gender Male
Race Bear
Voice Actor David Rintoul

Doctor Brown Bear is a character in Peppa Pig.


Doctor Brown Bear is a doctor.


Doctor Brown Bear is a jolly type of character but can also be serious as well.

He makes children, and adults feel well, and he is a very caring doctor and he knows what he is doing.


Doctor Brown Bear wears a dull, blue outfit and black shoes. He has, light brown fur, a black circular nose, darker brown lips and dull, red cheeks.



  • 1000x1000

    The chart

    According to a 'friends and family' chart, he is related to Belinda Bear and the background character unofficially dubbed Miss Bear. It is unknown if the chart is canon though.
  • He claims that it is impossible for him to get sick because he eats an apple a day. His claim is proved false in the same episode he made the claim, Pedro's Cough.


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