Didier Donkey
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Didier in Pen Pal
Vital statistics
Title Didier Donkey
Gender Male
Race Donkey
Voice Actor Aurélie Charbonnier
Didier is a character in Peppa Pig. 


A toddler Donkey who appears with his older sister, Delphine Donkey and their parents, Monsieur Donkey and Mrs. Donkey. He comes from France.


Didier loves Dragons as much as George love Dinosaurs.


Didier is a light grey donkey toddler with a dark pink nose and mouth. He has pink cheeks and a tuft of dark grey fur on the end of his tail. He wears light orange and black shoes to match the other characters. His boots are yellow.


" Dragon! Grr!"
Pen Pal


  • Didier has only appeared once, with the rest being cameos.
  • Didier hasn't cried in the series yet.


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