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Desert Island is episode 28 of season Season 4, and 185 of the entire series. It first aired on ___, 2004.


Captain Dog is invited to join the grandpa's for a fishing trip - but after he refuses, he is forced to make a decision after they get stranded on a small island.


Caption Dog is telling Peppa, Danny, and George a story when Grampy Rabbit, Granddad Dog, and Grandpa Pig arrive. They have come to invite him on a boating trip and right away he accepts; until Danny reminds him that he promised to give up his days as a sailor. So sadly he refuses and they take off.

The three step onto their boat and prepare before they take off - not aware of the object Grampy Rabbit accidentally knocked off of it. They sit down to eat lunch after a while of fishing, but upon realizing that nobody was steering the boat, they start to panic when they realize it is beginning to sink. Grampy Rabbit claims he has been in worst situations - but reveals he lied before they jump off and swim to the nearest little island.

With no food remaining, the worry until Grampy Rabbit reveals he has a chocolate bar on hand. As they make a decision to say it until they get really hungry, they look to see that he had already eaten it. So they decide to spend the time through various means; such as Grampy Rabbit making a mark in the sand each time he thinks about cheese.

After a few minutes, Granddad Dog suggests they start to call for help and Grandpa Pig agrees. Knowing how loud he can yell, Grampy Rabbit rises and yells for help.

In the distance, Captain Dog is able to hear them, along with Peppa, George, and Danny. They rush to the boats and hop on, but Captain Dog begins to reconsider as he recalls his promise. Danny tells him they need to save them though, so he agrees to get onto the boat one last time and quickly they set out to find the granddads.

After they rescue them they return home and he makes an attempt to leave again, at least for a few weeks. Danny reminds him once more of what he decided and he hops off of the boat, a bit sad until Peppa points out that he can always rescue the grandfathers the next time they go fishing, causing everything to laugh.





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