Delphine Donkey
Delphine Donkey
Vital statistics
Title Delphine Donkey
Gender Female
Race Donkey
Voice Actor Nzilani Franq

Delphine Donkey is Peppa Pig's friend from France. She first made her debut in the episode called "Pen Pal".


Living in France Delphine Donkey did not know English until the episode in-between Pen Pal and Delphine Donkey were she starts practicing. She also had no idea of what is in Britain even after Pen Pal. She has a younger brother named Didier.


Delphine wears a pinkish purpleish dress, has gray fur, black shoes like everyone else and she speaks French. Her skin is lighter in Delphine Donkey than it was in Pen Pal but this could be lighting


— Multiple episodes
Frere Jacques.

- Delphine Donkey

"I have learned many English words! Bing... Bong... Bingly... Bungly... Boo!"
Delphine Donkey (episode)


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