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Peppa Pig - Danny's Pirate Party

Peppa Pig - Danny's Pirate Party

Danny Dog has a pirate themed birthday party and all his friend's come dressed up as pirate's, except Pedro Pony, inside Granddad Dog talk's to them about pirate's then after their done talking they go to the ship and about as their going to go on the ship Pedro say's he need's to go to the bathroom then everyone say's they need to Grandpa Pig call's and asked what is taking them Grand Dad Dog say's it's taking awhile to load the children on the ship later they arive there and the children get chocolate coins, Grand Dad Dog tries to get a bag then Grandpa Pig spot's him getting a bag he say's he got it fair and square Grandpa Pig say's he didn't then Granny Pig comes out with the birthday cake and they eat it.

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Pedro Pony:"I need to use a toilet!"
Peppa Pig:"And me!"
Danny Dog:"And me!"
Suzy Sheep:"And me!"
Rebecca Rabbit:"And me!"
Emily Elephant:"And me!"
Granddad Dog:"I won it fair and square!"
Grandpa Pig:"Oh no you didn't!"