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Daddy Pig's Office is episode 22 of Season 2. In the entire series it is episode 74. It first aired on ___. 


Peppa and George go to work with Daddy Pig to see what he does for the day. 


Daddy Pig is driving Peppa and George over to his work place. Peppa and George are very excited and curious, and upon arrival he asks Peppa to ring the door buzzer. A woman answers and after Daddy Pig confirms who he is, the door opens, allowing them access to the elevator. 

There, Peppa asks to push the floor button they need, but since she did the first button Daddy Pig lifts George up so that he can do it. They go up to the sixth floor on the very top and step out, where a shy Peppa and George are introduced to Mrs. Cat, and Mr. Rabbit. They head back to their work spaces and Daddy Pig decides to start with a tour around the room. 

First they head over to Mr. Rabbit's desk. He explains that he is in charge of stamping number sheets, and placing them into an alternate bin. After Peppa asks if she can stamp some papers he agrees to it, but while he shifts through his items to get her a spare, blank piece of paper, she starts to stamp one of his number sheets. Afterwards they move onto Mrs. Cat's work station. 

She explains that she is to draw shapes on the computer, and then print them out. She prints two copies out, one for Peppa and one for George, then after Peppa asks to draw some shapes Daddy Pig reminds her that it is George's turn. Mrs. Cat lifts George up and lets him draw - filling the entire screen with blue triangles. Before she can print it out for them though, Peppa moves in and begins to hit a button repeatedly. This causes the printer to toss out many copies of what George made while they move on. 

They reach Daddy Pig's station and he explains his very difficult job. Which involves transmuting numbers and what-not. He shows Peppa and George the eraser board behind him and after they ask to draw on it, he shows them the colored markers and lets them. Peppa draws a house, while George makes a dinosaur.

Before they know it, it is already five o'clock and time to go home. They are joined by Mrs. Cat and Mr. Rabbit, who compliment both pictures before Peppa comments that while she liked both of their jobs, she preferes Daddy Pig's. Which makes everyone laugh as the episode ends. 




  • When Peppa said thanks to Mr. Rabbit, she said Miss Rabbit


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