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Daddy Pig with the Movie 3000

Daddy's Movie Camera is an episode of Peppa Pig. It is episode 50 of Season 1 and the entire series.  


The Pig Family plays with Daddy Pig's brand new Video Camera. 


One day Mr. Zebra brings a package for Daddy Pig. Peppa hopes that it may be for her and George, but it turns out to be the Movie Camera he ordered. He opens it to show them and sets it down, insisting that because Peppa is a child the camera is probably too hard for her. He tries to figure out how to turn it on using the instructions, but finds it too complicated. To everyone's surprise, Peppa presses a button and it turns on, then pushes another button to turn off the voice speaking through it. This earns her compliments as Daddy asks what to film first. 

Peppa sticks her tongue out and introduces herself to the Camera, then they go into the other room to hook the video device into their Television and watch the clip a few times. They laugh while watching it and soon Daddy decides they should go to film something else. Mummy Pig suggests that the three of them film something for Daddy Pig and they make him go stand out in the Kitchen. They tell him not to peak and begin to record something.

After finishing they bring Daddy Pig back inside and hook the camera back up to the Television. George imitates a dinosaur for his part of the video but the noises he makes end up scaring himself out of fright, and George bursts into tears, until Mummy Pig is able to help him realize it is only himself he sees. This cheers him up and they watch as Peppa imitates Daddy Pig by discussing his large belly and talking and laughing like him. 

They move onto the last clip where Peppa introduces George and Mummy Pig, then finally herself with each of them snorting. Daddy Pig then stands up and introduces himself as the real Daddy Pig and loudly snorts, which knocks everyone over and make them crack up. 


  • Peppa
  • George
  • Mummy Pig
  • Daddy Pig
  • Mr. Zebra
  • Mummy Sheep (mentioned)



Daddy's Movie Camera/Script


  • On the TV Guide, this episode was listed as Daddy's Movie Filmer. 
  • Peppa mentions that Suzy's mummy has a Video Camera as well.