Peppa Pig - All Instances where George cries10:41

Peppa Pig - All Instances where George cries

In Peppa Pig, a recurring theme seen in most episodes involving mostly a toddler or baby bursting into sprinkle effect tears through various means. The only other character to cry who doesn't fit into those categories is Peppa and Gerald.

As of The Golden Boots, the following characters heard crying are: George, Richard, Baby Alexander, Zuzu and Zaza, Edmond, Rosie and Robbie, Baby Peppa, Baby Suzy, and Peppa.

As of now the list is incomplete.


Episode Reason
Muddy Puddles
  • George cries after Peppa accidentally splashes him after jumping into a large muddy puddle.
Mr. Dinosaur is Lost
  • George sadly cries after losing Mr. Dinosaur.
  • Peppa asks George "where is Mr. Dinosaur?", which caused him to cry since he does not know.
  • He does a tiny sob after Mr. Dinosaur lands in the tree.
Piggy in the Middle
  • Peppa teases George with the ball, then she tossed it over him which ends up with George crying.
  • In an attempt to cure George of his hiccups, Peppa loudly snorted; scaring him and making him cry.
Flying a Kite
  • George cries when he notices the kite got stuck in a tree.

Frogs and Worms and Butterflies

  • George was unhappy with pretending to be a worm after Peppa suggests the idea.
The School Fete
  • George sadly cries after asking for a dinosaur balloon and was told they didn't have anyway.
  • Peppa throws a very large snowball at George, knocking him down and making him cry.
  • George cries after being pressured to eat vegetables.
The Sleepy Princess
  • Daddy Pig loudly roars at George like a Dinosaur and scares him.
Fancy Dress Party
  • George accidently scares himself with his Dinosaur costume in the mirror, thinking it is a real Dinosaur.
Very Hot Day
  • George cries when his Ice lolly melts off the stick when he refused to eat it.
The Playground
  • Peppa pushes George too high on the swing and scares him.
  • George cries again after being put on the Climbing Frame.
  • He cries once more after climbing the slide, and is too scared to come down on his own.
At the Beach
  • George cries when he gets knocked over by the beach ball.
Daddy's Movie Camera
  • George scares himself with the dinosaur noises he made.
  • George sadly cries after the bubble mixture ran out.
Polly's Holiday
  • After the pigs find that Polly is gone, George cries when Peppa puts blame on him.
Teddy's Day Out
  • Before they leave the house, George bursts into tears when he recalls forgetting Mr. Dinosaur.
George's Friend
  • George cries when Richard holds their toys.
  • Richard cries after George gets their toys, then they both start to cry.
  • Richard cries after George destroys his sandcastle.
  • After Richard returns the favor, George cries. Then they both cry.
  • George gives a tiny sob when he is left out and is on the sea saw, alone.
Windy Autumn Day
  • George cries when his hat is blown off his head by the wind.
Rock Pools
  • George cries with disappointment after realizing there isn't any sand to play with.
Sports Day
  • George admits defeat by crying after he loses to Richard in the event they played.
Jumble Sale
  • Peppa teases George by suggesting she should get rid of Mr. Dinosaur, which ends up with George crying.
  • Each time that George touches the water (twice)
  • After Richard drops his watering can they both him and George start to cry.
George's Birthday
  • When the Dinosaur animatronic roars loudly, George gets frightened and cries.
Cuckoo Clock
  • George cries each time he ends up missing the Cuckoo coming out of her clock and gets teased over it by Peppa.
The Baby Piggy
  • George tries to show Alexander his Mr. Dinosaur, which startles him.
  • When Peppa shows Alexander the ball, the exact same thing happens.
  • George cries after the girls say that as a "baby" he can't have cookies.
  • George cries again after Candy Cat comments that a real baby is better than a pretend one.
  • Both George and Richard start to cry when Peppa and the other girls refuses them and the other boys access to her Tree House.
Pretend Friend
  • Suzy accidentally scares George with her roaring as she imitates her pretend friend, Leo Lion.
Rebecca Rabbit
  • Richard cries after being frightened by the stairs; something he isn't familar with since the rabbits don't have them.
The Powercut
  • George cries when Peppa makes a funny face with a flashlight (AKA: a torch) which scares him.
Bouncy Ball
  • George cries when Peppa and Suzy tell him there aren't enough rackets for him to play with them.
  • George breaks down after Suzy and Peppa make him chase after their ball continuously.
  • Zuzu and Zaza cry after Zoey refuses to let them join the sleepover.
Cold Winter Day
  • George slips on the icy hill and falls back, and George cries sadly.
The Rainbow
  • George cries when the rainbow vanishes within the pig's very eyes
Richard Rabbit Comes to Play
  • George and Richard sadly cry when Peppa and Suzy triumph against them.
Grandpa at the Playground
  • Richard cries after Rebecca tells him to wait his turn.
  • George cries when Peppa tells him the exact same thing.
  • George sadly cries when he notices the Helter-Skelter slide is way too high that he expected, due to his fear of heights.
Digging Up the Road
  • George cries with disappointment about not getting to the playground in time.
  • George cries again when they leave Mr. Bull.
  • George cries once more when it was time to go home.
  • George cries for the last time in the episode when they thought Mr. Bull went home.
  • George, Richard and Edmond cry when it turns out they were the only ones who couldn't find any of the chocolate eggs everybody was looking for.
Baby Alexander
  • Alexander shows up crying, which the Pig family hears from inside of their house.
  • Alexander cries again and everyone deems him to be hungry.
Edmond Elephant's Birthday
  • George, Edmond, Richard, and Zuzu cry whenever they were taken out of the first game.
  • They all cry (except for Zaza) after Zaza gets her prize for winning.
  • All of them cry (including Zaza for some reason) until the next game starts.
  • Zaza cries after George gets the prize that should have been hers, then George cries after Peppa gives it to her.
  • All of them (Except for Edmond) cry after Edmond wins the second game.
  • They all cry again after the big kids take their seats.
Potato City
  • George cries before the rollercoaster starts because it scares him.
International Day
  • George, Richard, and Edmond cry after Suzy tries to kick them out of the sandpit.
Mummy Rabbit's Bump
  • Rosie and Robbie cry after Mummy Rabbit reveals them.
Bedtime Story
  • George cries when he suddenly wakes up in the night, and Peppa must find a way to make him calm down and go back to sleep.
Lost Keys
  • Daddy Pig refuses to let George play with the keys, and George cries over it.
George's New Dinosaur
  • George is devastated when his favourite toy, Mr. Dinosaur's tail falls off.
The Noisy Night
  • Baby Alexander cries after being woken up (three times)
Garden Games
  • George is too little to playing skittles and sadly cries.
  • George sadly cries again after he is deemed out when the ball he hit is caught.
George's Balloon
  • When George's Dinosaur Balloon flies away into the sky. (twice)
The Olden Days
  • Peppa and Suzy (as babies) sadly cry at one point during the flashback scene, Mummy Pig explains all they did at the time was Cry, Burp and Laugh.
The Golden Boots
  • Peppa sadly cried because Mrs. Duck took her Golden Boots.
  • George cries when he is too scared to ride down the hill on his scooter by himself, likely due to his fear of heights.
Gerald Giraffe
  • Gerald sheds a tear because he feels left out after a failed attempt of Hide and Seek.


By non-fans of the series, the crying is normally classified as being very annoying and infrequent, and mildly annoying at best by some fans. George is called a crybaby as a result of this, and seems by most to cry for no reason. However, George is also only two years old, and crying is one of the only ways a toddler can communicate at that age and is for most-part, realistic.


  • In Muddy Puddles, Mr. Dinosaur is lost, and Hiccups George's crying was different. This also goes for in Flying a Kite and School Fete where George's Crying is lower pitch.
  • In The Baby Piggy, Baby Alexander's crying was different and he sounded like Richard.
  • The Crying scenes have been popular with many surprise egg opening/toy reviewing channels on Youtube as of late. There are even videos going up to 5 hours of George crying.
  • In Mr. Dinosaur is Lost, Cleaning Up the Car, The Museum, George's Friend and Swimming, there were scenes where George gives a tiny sob instead of crying.
    Peppa Pig - All instances where George gives a tiny cry00:18

    Peppa Pig - All instances where George gives a tiny cry



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