Chloé's Big Friends
Season 3, Episode 46
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Overall episode 149
Air date 22 November 2010
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Chloé's Big Friends is episode 46 of season 3 of Peppa Pig . It is episode 149 in the entire series. 


Peppa tries to fit in with Chloé and her new friends; all of whom act very mature. 


Peppa and George have come to visit their big cousin Chloé. They are surprised to find her with two kids her age, a brown bear named Belinda, who likes to be called Bee, and a squirrel named Simon, who likes to be called Sy. They seem disappointed to see that Peppa and George are baby cousins, which Chloé failed to mention. Peppa insists that she isn't a baby though, and Chloé offers to play a game in hopes of keeping peace between everyone. 

Peppa suggests Hide and Seek, but they think it's just a game for babies. She then thinks up another game, one called Yes or No, where the goal is to avoid saying the words Yes and No. They decide to give it a try since they think it will be easy, but Peppa is able to beat both of them, until Simon asks to be the question asker. She agrees with this, and at first it seems not to work, until he gets her to say both Yes, and No. 

It's then they start to play a game called Sardines. Chloé explains how it works, but Simon and Belinda are sure it's just hide and seek. She claims that it plays differently though; in that one person hides and one at a time someone has to find them. Then they hide together and so on and so on, until everyone is hidden. 

First Peppa looks for George, then Chloé, then Belinda. Simon then comes by in search of the four and to surprise him they jump out of the bush. They all start to laugh, then he asks if they can just take things easy and stop running. Chloé suggests that they take the time to chill out, and explains to Peppa and George how people like to sit down and just discuss things. To show them, they start with music, insisting that they dislike children music. 

They ask Peppa what she likes and she plays a record, claiming it to be very grown up. It ends up being the ever-so-childish song "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes", but everyone has fun dancing to it. 

Soon Peppa and George are called to go home. Mummy Pig tells Peppa that she will be seeing Chloé again soon, and Chloé reveals that she will be stopping by their home next week. She invites Simon and Belinda to come with her, and they all start to cheer before resuming their dance to the song.