Champion Daddy Pig is episode 41 of Season 3, and 146 in the entire series. It first aired on ___, 2004.


After someone breaks the Mud Puddle Jumping Record and take the title from Daddy Pig, everyone sets out to help him break it a second time. 


One day, the family are watching sports on television. Peppa asks what a World Record is before voicing her desire to see Daddy Pig in the book he takes out. They reveal that he was the champion puddle jumper, but as Daddy Pig points out that he doesn't think anyone will ever beat his record; someone on television happens to do just that.

This saddens Peppa, although Daddy Pig doesn't think much of it since they all have better things to do. To their surprise, a whole bunch of the families and friends have shown up just outside of the Pig Home, where they tell Daddy Pig that he needs to reclaim his record again. Seeing how dedicated they are to this, he agrees to do it.  Peppa and George follow Daddy Pig as he comes to a giant mud puddle nearby and he decides that in order to become one with the puddle he must sleep and dream about puddles. So he then walks off, to their confusion. 

When the day comes for the Puddle Jump Record attempt, Daddy Pig is dressed in his special attire; but is upset because Mummy Pig gave his special boots to Grandpa Pig. She calls him and tells him how important they need them and he promises to meet them there.  Everyone has come to see Daddy Pig jump into the puddle, in the nick of time, Grandpa Pig happens to arrive and he puts on his boots. Mr. Potato tells Daddy Pig when to jump, and Daddy Pig stands still for a moment before he makes a huge jump; one so huge that the puddle completely vanishes and splashes all over everyone else!

He has set the world record and Mr. Potato gies Daddy Pig a trophy. He then asks Peppa for her opinions and she announces that one day she will become the champion puddle jumper, and when asked what she learned, she says "to jump in a muddy puddle you must always wear your boots", causing everyone to laugh.