Captain Dog is a character in Peppa Pig. He appears late in season 4.


The son of Granddad Dog (or son-in-law) and husband of Mummy Dog. His son is Danny Dog, who he doesn't see very often as he was away at sea until he decides to retire from sailing, late in Season 4.


One with the waters, Captain Dog loves to be out on the sea; exploring and searching for riches. He doesn't really know what to do with himself whenever he is away from it, and shows signs of missing his time out dearly. However, he also adores his family and is happy to see them wheneve he can; although he has to be reminded not to leave.


Captain dog has greyish-brownish colored skin, a black circular nose, dull lips and dull pink cheeks. He wears a navy outfit, black shoes and a hat which has an anchor on it.



  • He is one of the fathers who appears the least in the series.