Season 2, Episode 1
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Overall episode 53
Air date 4 September, 2006
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Bubbles is the 1st episode of the 2nd season and the 53rd episode overall.
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Peppa and George go outside to play with their bubble mix. But after they run out of it, Daddy Pig shows them a creative way to make more. 

Channel 5 - Peppa and George are playing with bubbles. Daddy Pig shows them how to make really big bubbles with an old tennis racket.


While drinking orange juice one morning Peppa begins to blow bubbles through her straw. They watch them while she teaches George how to do it, but eventually Daddy Pig gently scolds them for playing with their food. Mummy Pig suggests that they go outside to play with the bubble mixture and the little piggies get up from the table and run outside. 

Peppa shows George how to blow a bubble, then lets him try. But when he tries he struggles to blow any, causing Peppa to claim that he didn't blow hard enough. Mummy Pig gives George an alternate idea and tells him to dip the stick into the mixture, then wave it around. Daddy Pig comments on how this is better when you run around, so George tries to do that while Peppa trails behind him popping the bubbles. 

Eventually they run out of the mixture and Daddy Pig tells Mummy Pig to fetch a bucket, then he has Peppa grab some soap, and he has George get his old tennis racket. He plans to show them a way how to make more and be fills the bucket with soap and water, then dips his old tennis racket into it, causing one giant bubble to appear after he takes it.

He begins to run around making more big bubbles and Mummy Pig warns him to be careful to avoid slipping and falling. Daddy Pig claims he will be fine though, and by the time he reaches the bottom of the hill he slips and falls, sneezing to form one giant bubble. 

Disappointed that they can no longer make anymore, the family stand for a moment before Mummy Pig spots a big muddy puddle. They run over and begin to jump in it and realize that because of the mixture, it has become very bubbly. So together they all jump in the muddy puddle while mud bubbles form.   



  • When the episode first starts, Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig have glasses at the table. But in the scene after, when Peppa observes the bubbles in their juice, the glasses vanish from the table. 
  • As the bucket full of bubble mix flew into the air, the mixture should have been spilling out way before it landed on Daddy Pig's head.