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Boating is episode __ of season Season 4, and 43 of the entire series. It first aired on Dec. 17, 2012


The Pig Family head out to the lake to go boating. They are joined by the Elephant Family, and Danny and his Dad.


The Pig Family reach the lake to go boating. They meet up with Miss Rabbit, who rents the boats out to the guests and shows them the various vehicles she has to offer. They decide to take a pedeler, only to learn that it does not have an engine after they hop into it. Daddy Pig will have to peddle it, much to his disappointment after Miss Rabbit points out they can boat until she rins the bell. With that, they take off as Peppa starts to sing a song and they observe the view.

Soon the Elephant Family arrive with a canoe. Followed by Danny and Captain Dog, who have chosen a sailing boat - as Captain Dog refuses to peddle. He claims to know how to work a sail boat and off they go, passing by the slower Pig Family, along with the Elephant Family. All three families arrive to a small island at the same time, and deeming it to be too tiny for all three of them (more or less two people), they decide to just have their meals in the boat. Together the three families, and ducks, eat their picnic until the bell begins to ring.

However, before they go back, they decide to have a race back. When Mummy Pig realizes that Daddy Pig is too tired, she tells him to move aside and offers to peddle; only to learn that it's a lot of hard work. As the Elephants pass the Dogs and Pigs, Captain Dog comments that they have to wait for the wind to pick up before they can move, until Danny points out that the boat has an engine. Spotting this, Captain Dog makes a quick tug on the line and they go speeding past the other two families, just reaching the dock area before they do.

As the three families reach the dock, Mummy Pig complains that she is really tired, so the Pig Family decide to save time and effort by using the sailing boat next time. Meanwhile, Captain Dog attempts to take off until Danny reminds him that he made a promise not to leave home to go sailing again. He agrees, a bit sad at first, until he is reminded that he can come to use the Sailing Boat whenever he leaves, causing all three families to laugh.