Belinda Bear is a character in Peppa Pig.


A friend of Chloe and Simon. As someone trying to act like a grown up, she insists on being addressed as Bee. She appears in Chloe's Big Friends.


Although Belinda tries to be grown up and mature, like other children she still enjoys simple things - such as playing Sardines and dancing to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. She appears to be nice, and is curious when it comes to trying new things. 


Belina is a young brown bear with a circled black nose and rosy cheeks. She wears a pair of pale beige glasses over her eyes, black shoes, and a black and red striped dress. 


In Chloe's Big Friends Peppa met Belinda after Chloe brought her and George to meet her friends. At first Belinda was not very impressed by them or the games she suggested, until they were able to find a few that they were willing to try. 

Eventually when it was time for Peppa to go, Belinda asked to come with Chloe had she went to visit Peppa the week after. 



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    The chart

    Belinda is implied to be related to Doctor Brown Bear and a female Bear who often appears in crowds. This is proven by a 'family and friends' chart but it is unknown if it is canon.
  • Ironically, she shares her voice with her friend, Chloe. Both are voiced by Zara Siddiqi.
    • They also share their voice actress with Candy Cat.