These characters are to be given placeholder names.

Background Characters are the rest of the characters who make up Peppa Pig's world. They are without names or information and were made to fill in certain scenes. Characters that are not background characters but do appear as them in some episodes are not listed here.


Screenshot 2016-01-30-19-19-40

Some background children.

Children that have no names and no words said.

Carol Cow

Screenshot 2016-01-14-08-09-39 kindlephoto-7643342

Her placeholder name. She makes an appearance during Mr Potato's Christmas Show, amongst the audience of children. She wore a pale blue dress and is theorized to be the daughter of Mrs. Cow, and possibly Mr. Bull

Little Rhino

Ronald Rhino

A background character that appears in many episodes. He wears orange and is pale silver, with rosy cheeks and a large ivory horn at his nose. He may be the son of Mr. Rhino.

Claude Cat

Screenshot 2016-02-11-09-31-43

A dark brown cat boy with dark brown nose, dark red lips, and dull pink cheeks. His outfit is dull, light purple.

Whitney Wolf

Screenshot 2016-02-11-09-33-06

A brown wolf child, with a dark brown circular nose, dark pink lips and pale pink cheeks. It is wearing a dull, blue outfit.

Dubya Donkey

Screenshot 2016-01-30-19-18-16 kindlephoto-63330205

A white donkey toddler with a light pink nose, pale pink cheeks and pale pink lips. His outfit is bright, cyan.

New Toddlers

Dog, pony, and wolf toddlers can be seen in the episode "Soft Play".


Miss Bear

A light brown female bear who appears often in group scenes. She has turqoise eye makeup and light red cheeks. Her lips are pale in color. She wears the same black shoes as the other residents, as well as a light purple dress.

The official chart shows that she is related to Belinda Bear and Doctor Brown Bear, but this was not actually revealed in the show.

Miss Goat

On the official family and friends chart, a female goat with dark grey skin is shown. She wears a seafoam dress and has light colored makeup. She was not shown in the series, and is not Gabriella's Aunt.

Auntie Dottie

A named, but not shown character related to the Pigs. She is a great-aunt who was mentioned during "Horsey Twinkle Toes", when she delivers a package for George and Peppa.



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