Auntie Dottie
Vital statistics
Title Auntie Dottie
Gender Female
Race Pig
Voice Actor N/A

Auntie Dottie is a minor character in Peppa Pig. Auntie Dottie has only been mentioned in Horsey Twinkle Toes when she sent a package to Peppa and George. She is assumedly the sister of Mummy Pig, the daughter of Granny and Grandpa Pig, the sister-in-law of Daddy Pig, and also related to Chloe Pig, Baby Alexander, Uncle Pig, and Auntie Pig. It is unknown what Auntie Dottie looks like.


Not much is known about Auntie Dottie except that she lives in another country and somehow knows of Peppa and George, although never meeting.


It can be assumed that she looks a lot like Mummy Pig and Auntie Pig and even other people on the pig family.

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