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At the Beach
Season 1, Episode 46
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Overall episode 46
Air date 9 November, 2004
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Daddy Puts up a Picture
Mister Skinnylegs

At The Beach is the 46th episode of Season 1.


The Pig Family go out to the beach to enjoy a nice sunny day.

Channel 5 - Peppa and George go to the beach and have fun burying Daddy Pig in the sand.


The pig family arrive at the beach one bright sunshine-filled day. Peppa and George run over to a spot for them to set up, when Mummy Pig reminds everyone not to forget anything when they leave later. 

They take out their towels, buckets, digging shovels, and a spotted ball. But before they can play Mummy Pig stops everyone to apply some sun screen on them. Then they run off with the ball to play with it, only to stop when George falls over and begins to cry

Daddy Pig asks his family if they would want to go into the sea to swim for a while afterwards, then blows up the water floaties Peppa and George must wear. They run over to the water and start to play and splash each other, then when Daddy Pig falls over, they float on him for a little while until Mummy Pig asks Peppa and George if they would want to play in the sand. The little pigs run out of the water and ask to bury Daddy Pig; which he initially refuses until he sees how much his children really want to do this. 

So they bury him with the sand until he is almost completely covered, then run off to grab his straw hat for him to make sure he doesn't get too hot. After, Daddy Pig feels so sleepy that he drifts off to sleep, so Peppa and George finish their fun trip by sitting down to build sandcastles. 

As they are finishing Mummy Pig tells them that it's getting late so they must leave now. Before they leave they go over their items they brought along, and attempt to leave once they are sure they have everything. But suddenly they happen to notice something was forgotten, so George runs by to get the sun hat. But after they discover Daddy Pig asleep beneath it, they start to laugh after realizing they almost left him. 


Peppa Pig at the Beach00:00

Peppa Pig at the Beach


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